What we do and How

Energy Recruiters delivers industry-specific talent to help our Clients in the energy sector achieve their goals. Our Team embraces traditional best practices while innovating and developing new best-in-class concepts to support you.  The keys to our successful process:

Expert Consultation

Energy Recruiters will confer individually and jointly with key stakeholders to fully understand your Vision, Culture, and Technical expectations for your talent needs.  Our Team has performed site visits with over one hundred Clients to obtain a first-hand experience with each organization’s unique Culture and Leadership Team.  We are passionate about being your Partner.

Market Discovery

Energy Recruiters will provide you visibility on the industry-leading Talent who match your profile.  In addition to researching targeted markets, environments, and competitors, we have developed our own proprietary, industry-specific database tracking hundreds of thousands of professionals. 


Our Team will add value to your search and interview process.  We speak a common language and are not afraid to ask hard questions of both Clients and Candidates.  When we are successful in aligning your Vision with the ideal Candidate, we will assist and counsel with such matters as contractual issues, compensation package, and other specific details of onboarding, including avoiding counter-offers and family transitions.


A core value of Energy Recruiters is to Deliver the Experience of Exceptional Service.  As part of that commitment, we are completely transparent during your search process, onboarding, and post-hire evaluation through regularly scheduled teleconferences.


When you choose Energy Recruiters as your window into the talent marketplace, we will counsel and make a recommendation on the service level that best fits your needs.  Our services include Dedicated Recruiting Teams/RPO, Flexible Retainers, Market Discovery, and Contingent Search.

Risk Management

We believe in helping you protect your investment.  Our services provide for a warranty of up to one full year.